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IT service consultancy can be described as an activity field which instruct other organisations on how they can maximize the use of IT in their business moreover apart from advising and instructing IT consultancies often help the organisations by managing, estimating, administering and deploying IT systems on the behalf of the organisations they help. It is also known as “Outsourcing”. Read more

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How to Start a Travel Business from Home


Before you start a travel business from home, you should know a few things. You should check whether the area you live in is perfect for travel business. There are 3 main parts: the first one is starting the travel business, the second is setting up the office at your home, and the final one is promoting travel business.

Travel business example:

Flagship holiday homes – Snowdonia cottages listings – a great example of a travel business based in the United Kingdom. It’s an agency featuring best luxury holiday cottages in places like Snowdonia, North Wales, Abersoch and more. They have plenty of offers and their business seems to be thriving. They’re also listed on Elite Cottages so it only proves it’s a serious business.

Starting the travel business

Manage the paperwork that is needed to start a travel business from home. Just because you are doing it at home does not mean that you will not require papers. The importance of the paperwork is they make your business legal. You should decide which host agency you want to use. You can look for host agencies online. You must know their importance. A host agency will hold your expenses down, offer you some assistance with earning higher commissions, do difficult tasks, and help you prepare. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You need to come up with a name for your travel business. If you are coming up with a name, make sure there is the domain available. For example, you choose the name travel boat, be sure that “travelboat.com” is there. Make sure the name has a good meaning. You need to show your qualifications to the host agency. Get the papers ready. Just like any other business, you need to have a target audience, when a shop opens they have a target audience in mind like whether they will sell gowns or casual wear or both.

Setting up the office at home

Get a room just for your work. It should look like an office. You need to make business cards for your travel business. Purchase sofas, a desk and other materials. Do not spend too much money. Since the safety of customers is a must, you need to have a fire alarm. Make sure nobody in the house smokes cigarettes.

Promoting the travel business

Once you start earning you will need a separate bank account and a credit card. In this way, you will look professional. You need to make an attractive website. Try to maximize your visibility to travelers. Be sure that your website appears properly. To enhance your knowledge, you can take classes. An easy way to fame is to make a YouTube channel. You can offer clients with gifts. Giving gifts to clients to refer to other clients is a good start. Do not do anything that can harm your business.

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Is Technology Really Helping Us Get More Done

We are living in the age of technology. Today we start our day with it and after passing the entire day around it, we went to our beds with the same stuff. There is no doubt in the advantages of the technology. However, I believe we are obsessed now. In fact, medical experts and psychologists are continuously waving their concerns over our growing indulgence into the digital stuff.

The Pros of Technology
When it comes to the pros, first and foremost the thing is that availability of excellent and fast communication systems. The internet has become a game-changing element today. Now we have an entirely different definition of the global village. Also, to this, the modern mediums of traveling have made it possible for us to go anywhere including the moon. NASA is working for launching humans on the Mars. These are all great wonders of technology. Here, how can we neglect another amazing aspect and that is healthcare? Today the availability of life-saving medicines and equipment’s is helping wonderfully for saving of lives. The access to knowledge and information has become something too easy. You need nothing but a few clicks or taps to learn about anything that you want to learn. Wi-Fi and 4G technology have made it possible to carry the world of knowledge in your hands.

The Cons of Technology
Well, we know about its benefits, but we still cannot deny that we are facing some serious issues due to it as well. The availability of digitized social media has changed the way of our socialization. We are no more going outside. Video games have replaced very healthy physical activities. People in modern countries are facing psychological issues at a rate much higher than those who are still living in dark ages practically. As far as the physical health is concerned it is depleting too as we like nothing but to pass our time with machines. It’s the television, smartphone, laptop and tablet that have replaced our healthy habits.

We cannot say that the technology is a bad thing nor e can deny its positive expects. However, an access in everything can lead us to devastating conclusions. As I have mentioned above, we are facing some serious kind of threats because of getting over indulged into the technology. Anxiety, Depression and other psychological illnesses are getting more and more common. Now, we have to take a decision. Whether we are going to use technology in a positive or negative way! The answer to the question that I have asked in title of the post according to me is, “Yes – Definitely!”

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Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, I have adored about hobbies which I liked. I am interested in Business while Travel, Technology and Music are my hobbies. The reason behind to write this blog is that I wanted to share some experiences about my life, what I achieved and how I enjoyed my life. Maybe my experience will help someone who is like me, who wanted to learn about his happiness and sadness, success and failure.



When you put a glance on my interest and hobbies, you quickly understand that both are interconnected to each other. Business is my interest since I was a student. I started my own and started struggle for it. In the beginning, I was travel within the city and the country to country. When it was progressing, I began to visit one city to another. That was the time when I thought that I never been bother to travel other cities. I start exploring cities, felt so happy to meet with people. At this stage I developed the hobby of traveling.


Now technology also relates to business, as I said earlier that my hobbies are connected with my interest or my work, i.e., businessaq. I remembered when I start traveling; I had a Nikon FM10 35mm camera. It was old technology, but it was the best camera. Now I have a digital camera as well as my cell phone is equipped with the high-resolution camera. I think if you are doing business, and you love to travel, then you must be aware of the latest technology. Due to this, I always connected with my office.


Last but not the least its music. I am a strong believe and have full faith in the Music. For me it is really the food of my soul. Usually people obsessed with traveling are also found with an excessive interest in the music as well. I like slow, emotional and romantic music.


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